Mutton Chop Miniatures… A New Take on an Old Theme

July 4, 2011 by beerogre

You may not have seen these guys, but Mutton Chop Miniatures have been quietly expanding their range of WW1/WW2 compatible miniatures while the rest of us have been missing out.

Mutton Chop have gone for a characterful design that makes their miniatures stand out. So lets have a look at what's available from their range.

First up is their latest model... the Croyden Crusher... this is a very pulp style vehicle that wouldn't look out of place on a Secret of the 3rd Reich or AE-WW2 game. A WW2 Quad bike with a machinegun mounted on it... what's not to love!

Next is some of the best miniatures in their range... the Windy Chaps... anyone familiar with a certain book by Kenneth Grahame might recognise these gentlemen.

Next we have a set of Tank Commanders. Always useful for a bit of customisation for your WW2 vehicles.

Finally, we have a very upper crust character model... Lord Cirencester... If you were looking for that stereotypical English Officer to lead your troops to defeat or victory against the Boche, then this could very well be the one!

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