In the Navy Pulp Figures Sail the Seven Seas!

May 31, 2012 by dracs

Pulp Figures have put up some painted images of their upcoming Royal Navy deck crew figures.

Pulp Figures - Royal Navy Deck Crew

These salty sailors will be released some time in June, ready to take to the Ocean's waves.

Pulp Figures have also previewed some other upcoming minis. First we have the German colonial officers.

Pulp Figures - German Colonials

These guys will be great for some colonial era warfare and would also be suitable for a Lovecraftian horror scenario.

We also have a glimpse at a new sketch for a British governor, accompanied by the young Prince Azim.

Pulp Figures - British Governor

This governator will make a perfect villain figure for many pulp action and Cthulhu games. You could definitely see him plotting to gain power from some Cthulhu-esque old forgotten gods of Darkest Africa.

Can you write up a Cthulhu scenario involving any of these? If you can be sure to leave it in a comment below or in our Cthulhu Forum.

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