Modiphius Make A Roll Vs Evil With New Dice Legions Game

April 16, 2022 by avernos

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Modiphius Entertainment has launched a new charity initiative and to go alongside that there is also a teaser version of an upcoming fantasy game from Adam L Dobbyns, Dice Legions: Roll vs Evil Edition.

dice legion cover Modiphius

Dice Legions: Roll vs Evil Edition // Modiphius Entertainment

During 2021 in the midst of the Event (remain indoors) Adam put together a fantasy tabletop game based around a bunch of dice and some cards. So what's new about that I hear you cry in the middle of my dreams, aren't most tabletop fantasy games dice or card driven? Well in this case the cards are the terrain and the dice are the units, heroes, and monsters! Allow me to elucidate you further.

Dice Legion // Adam L Dobbyns

Having bought himself a big old bag o'dice and broke out a tape measure Adam set to work making a set of rules where the dice are the miniatures. A deck of cards was also created and expanded on, with statlines on one side and terrain on the other making it as self-contained as possible and allowing people to get into some fantasy gaming without having to spend an eternity collecting forces and crafting terrain.

After that, it was simply a matter of playing out the games on the table, or you could go one step further and use a blackboard, or whiteboard, to draw out your battlefield and engage in your epic fantasy battles. The posts he made about it garnered a ton of attention from various people clamouring for a copy of the rules and cards so they could break out their own dice onto the table as mighty armies, among them was Chris Birch of Modiphius who had spotted Adam's tiny Greek adventures and was keeping an eye on Adam's own brand of gaming madness.

After getting in contact with Adam Modiphius will be publishing a full game of Dice Legions later this year, you may notice that it has gained an s but letter count is not the only upgrade coming for it!

Modiphius Dice Legions

Dice Legions //Art by Christian Quinot

The core set later this year will include Human, Dwarf, Elf, Undead, Orc and Hell Spawn, plus big threats like dragons. There are 25+ new units from other armies, in the core as well as new types of special feature terrain. But the initial units in the Dice Legions: Roll vs Evil Edition will remain unique to that. The cards give you all the information for gameplay, dice to use for the unit, movement, attack values for ranged and melee and any special rules. So list building is simple and fast with a quick reference right in front of you.

Dice Legions Heirland Infantry

Dice Legions // Heirland Infantry

The game plays using all the dice from the polyhedral set, d4 for the lowest cannon fodder and pets, d6 for a lot of the mainstay battle line units and up to d20 for Dragons and Hellspawn. Dice Legions offers players three scales of play to better adapt to the time and available space in a player's daily life. "Skirmish" games are short, typically less than 30-minute, small area games. "Battle" scale games are larger games lasting around 90 minutes. "Legion" scale games are for clubs or dedicated wargame enthusiasts looking to devote the best part of a day to a major engagement.

dice legions terrain

Adam's Vectored Cards have been upgraded by Richard Gale

The first available version of Dice Legions is part of a charity initiative started by Chris and Rita Birch and I was able to have a brief chat with him regarding the idea behind it.

I'm happy we get the RollVsEvil concept across - it really started as a passion for me and Rita to find a way to actually fight evil in the real world so being able to support small active frontline groups with immediate action who are saving people daily is our first step, next we're going to focus on human trafficking - lots of people getting kidnapped at the borders and we want to try to shut down the gangs doing it - and the best thing it's so easy - just play a game and throw down some dollars for an excuse to re-roll a save etc and a good friend is matching any money we raise so £1 = £2 we're slowly growing the support across the industry


If you're interested in trying out Adam's game you can buy the RollVsEvil Charity Edition right now all of the creators have donated their work so 100% of the money raised will be going directly towards helping frontline aid efforts in Ukraine. It's $5 for the PDF and at that price, you'd be hard-pressed to get a pint of Guinness so spread the word and the love folks and if you can afford to chip in please do. If you want to know more there is a new facepage group you can join where Adam is as active as a very active thing.

You're a gamer, so you already have the armies!

"If you're interested in trying out Adam's game you can buy the RollVsEvil Charity Edition right now all of the creators have donated their work so 100% of the money raised will be going directly towards helping frontline aid efforts in Ukraine."

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