The Aliens Are Back With An Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

December 14, 2015 by brennon

Independence Day is back with the new Resurgence trailer where a few of the old cast members (no Will Smith...booo!) are back once again facing an alien invasion. See what you think of the trailer above...


Humanity used the technology left by the destruction of the aliens in the first film and have now harnessed its power for weapons and more. I would imagine that the aliens are back to take some revenge with an even bigger ship.

If you're interested in an interactive experience following the events of the original then you can go and check out the War of 1996 website which is well worth checking out. It's always nice to have these alternate reality treats you can follow along with to get invested in an upcoming project especially since this is twenty years since the original.

The prospect of some cool tabletop games coming out of this could be interesting. Fancy a new Sci-Fi game with tooled up humans and angry aliens?

Will you be watching this?

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