Star Trek Beyond Trailer Gets All Action Packed

December 14, 2015 by brennon

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It seems like you can't move for a new geeky movie trailer right now and there's another one to look forward to for Summer next year. See what you think of the Star Trek Beyond trailer which has got a bit 'Guardians of the Galaxy'...

The tone is certainly a lot different compared to the last two movies and it looks like they will be having a fair bit of fun with the action in this one. Admittedly one of the people involved with this was behind Fast & Furious so maybe we shouldn't be surprised at the ramped up action.

There have been a lot of people saying that this 'isn't Star Trek' but things have to evolve. This is one trailer however, and a short one at that, so we don't know how the final film will be. These action scenes might make up a small part of the film come its release.

We actually have quite a bit of tabletop fun to come with Star Trek so watch this space. I for one thing it looks like a lot of fun and I had a smile on my face watching the trailer!

What do you think?

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