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Modiphius Announce Star Trek Adventures Starter Set


Modiphius are making it easier than ever to delve into their world of Star Trek Adventures with a new Starter Set which is on the horizon.

Red Alert! Skirmishing In Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius has plenty of awesome content out there for those role-playing in Star Trek Adventures. However, they have also put together the first look at their Red Alert Skirmish Rules.

Away Teams, Borg & New Sourcebooks Arrive For Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius have a whole host of new releases out for their Star Trek: Adventures role-playing game. As we’re Beasts Of War let’s start with the miniatures as we get a look at The Next Generation Away Team.

Snap Up Modiphius’ Character Sheets For Famous Star Trek Characters


Modiphius have made available two packs of downloadable Character Sheets for you to use in Star Trek Adventures.

Modiphius Transport To The Deck Of A Star Trek Ship With New Tiles


If you’re a big fan of the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius you might want to take a peek at these new Deck Tiles that have been added to their webstore this week.

Weekender: Resurrecting A Lost Space Marine Chapter


Come and join us as we’re back in the studio for
The Weekender!

We have loads to get stuck into
including our thoughts on UK Games Expo.

Engage! Modiphius Fire Up Pre-Orders For Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius has opened up pre-orders for you to start grabbing your Star Trek Adventures bits and bobs to begin role-playing and exploring in the vastness of space.

More Star Trek On The Way From WizKids With Renewed License


What’s not to love about knowing that more Star Trek goodness is on the way? This is just the news that WizKids shared as they announced they’ve renewed their license with CBS to continue producing Star Trek game pieces.

Weekender XLBS: Rules Or Fluff, What Should Come First In Game Design?


Find out what we and the community
have been painting and give us
your thoughts on Fluff & Rules
in game design…

Weekender XLBS: Konflikt ’47, The Shakedown & Win Two Starter Sets


We’re in for a packed show this Sunday so get stuck in and start watching!

Seek Profits With The Ferengi Alliance In Star Trek: Ascendancy


Gale Force Nine aren’t done with Star Trek: Ascendancy as they have more to announce from Gen Con. The Ferengi are going to be joining the Cardassian Union as an expansion race.

Let’s Play: Star Trek Panic!


We settle down…and then get really frantic as we play a game of Star Trek Panic by Fireside Games and USAopoly.

Modiphius Announces Their New Star Trek Adventures RPG


“Space, the final frontier,” is closer now than it’s been in many years, as Modiphius announced the development of their new Star Trek Adventures RPG. This iconic IP will allow gamers to boldly go on new voyages in the footsteps of some of their fan favorite captains and crews.

50th Anniversary Star Trek Launch Event Goodies Coming To Gen Con 2016


A special Launch Edition of the Star Trek: Ascendancy game is coming to Gen Con and Las Vegas. Be sure to reserve your copy!

Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game Now Available From Wizkids


Star Trek fever has hit Wizkids and they have released their new game Star Trek: Frontiers. Beam up to the action!

Preview Playtime With Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek: Ascendancy


At AdeptiCon @Redben got to spend some time playing Star Trek: Ascendancy! Come and check out what he thinks of the game…

Weekender: Star Trek Ascendancy Interview And Exploring The Mysteries Of Mythos


Welcome to The Weekender where we
have some fantastic guests to talk with
today from Paranoid Miniatures and
Gale Force Nine. We’ll be chatting
Mythos and Star Trek: Ascendancy!

Star Trek Beyond Trailer Gets All Action Packed


It seems like you can’t move for a new geeky movie trailer right now and there’s another one to look forward to for Summer next year. See what you think of the Star Trek Beyond trailer which has got a bit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’…

Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond


Simon Stokes takes us through the
history of Naval Battles both in history
and on the tabletop as well as giving
us a crash course in the games we
should take a look at…

Weekender XLBS: Gen Con Highlights & The Great Baking Tin Disaster!


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Star Trek Timelines Coming To Mobile Devices


Like a mash up of all the different shows and movies Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam is coming to mobile devices soon. You can see a gameplay trailer above where they talk about some of the crew you can have aboard your ship all of which have different abilities…

Gale Force Nine To Develop New Star Trek Board Game Series


There’s no images of it yet but we’ve had news through that Gale Force Nine are going to be snatching up that Star Trek licence in order to make a new board game series that will launch in the summer of 2016!