Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game Now Available From Wizkids

June 30, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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We all knew it was going to happen soon or later, the plethora of Star Trek related games to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking show. Wizkids has announced that now available is the new game called Star Trek: Frontiers.


In this game you can play one of several races in the Star Trek universe: Federation, Klingon or Romulans and jump through a worm hole to a far off galaxy and explore the planets within.

You will be able to command ships, negotiate with other races and create away teams and beam down to the unexplored planets. The game has plastic pieces representing the different ships and the graphics on the game cards has pictures from the different series on them.

The game system is based on the Venture Tiles System that was first used in Mage Knight which allows for endless (at least a lot!) combinations so each game can be different. The game is designed to be played solo, cooperative or competitively.

Being fans of the Star Trek universe, this will be one that will beam its way into our home. Oh and don't forget about the blasted Borg and their relentless desire to assimilate all forms of life. They will not let you win the game very easily.

Are you ready to go where no one has gone before?

"...create away teams and beam down to the unexplored planets."

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