Read The Rulebook For Gale Force 9’s Star Trek: Away Missions

June 27, 2023 by brennon

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Star Trek: Away Missions is the new Sci-Fi miniatures board game available to pre-order from Gale Force Nine which allows you to play as iconic Star Trek characters, battling against each other in quick, easy-to-play, scenarios where each crew is unique.

Star Trek: Away Missions // Gale Force Nine

The core game features the Federation going up against The Borg and the Battle Of Wolf 359. On one side of the clash, you've got Riker's Away Team and on the other you have the Unimatrix Of The Borg led by Locustus. A classic moment from Star Trek Next Generation history that gives you a fun fight to dive in right out of the box.

Star Trek: Away Missions UKGE Interview

If you're interested in the game, you can now download the Rulebook for Star Trek: Away Missions which will give you an idea of how the game plays ahead of the release later this year.

The Rulebook - Star Trek Away Missions

The Rulebook // Star Trek: Away Missions

You can download the rulebook and get stuck into all of the intricacies of the rules. This might be handy for those wanting to work out which of the Away Teams they might want to play whilst also getting heads around the ins and outs of the game mechanics.

Star Trek: Away Missions Expansions

As well as the core game, you can also pre-order two additional Away Teams from the Star Trek universe. You could go with Gowron's Honor Guard for the Klingons...

Klingon Expansion - Star Trek Away Missions

Klingon Expansion // Star Trek: Away Missions

...or perhaps go sneaky and delve into the backstabbing opportunities offered up by the Romulans and Sela's Infiltrators.

Romulan Expansion - Star Trek Away Missions

Romulan Expansion // Star Trek: Away Missions

The miniatures are plastic and ready to go out of the box but of course, you could get them painted up to match the characters from the show. I really like the slightly quirky "cartoon" look of them which sets them apart from other miniatures out there and fits with the theme of quick, fun, board-gamey fun.

As you might have guessed, the Klingons are good at getting up close and personal whilst the Romulans are going to be sneaking about and getting ready to get one up on you! As mentioned above, the core set and expansions are available for you to pre-order right now with the game becoming available later this year.

Will you be checking out Star Trek: Away Missions?

"The miniatures are plastic and ready to go out of the box..."

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