Engage! Modiphius Fire Up Pre-Orders For Star Trek Adventures

June 8, 2017 by brennon

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Modiphius has opened up pre-orders for you to start grabbing your Star Trek Adventures bits and bobs to begin role-playing and exploring in the vastness of space.

Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook

You will be able to head out into the darkness, exploring and battling as part of the Federation with your crew by your side. Inside the Core Rulebook, you'll find...

  • Create your own Star Trek stories of discovery and adventure on the Final Frontier with 368 pages of content
  • A complete 2d20 game system from Modiphius Entertainment adapted for Star Trek Adventures, used in Mutant ChroniclesConan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, John Carter of Mars and the Infinity RPG.
  • An extensive exploration of the United Federation of Planets and its galactic neighbours in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrants.
  • Guidelines for Gamemasters old and new, on how to run an adventure of exploration and discovery for the crew of a Federation starship.
  • A full catalogue of aliens and antagonists including Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, the Borg and the Dominion.
  • Brought to you by a team of expert Star Trek writers including writers from previous editions of Star Trek roleplaying games and other gaming talents.
  • Personal logs and intercepted communications by Starfleet Intelligence provide a new perspective on Star Trek and its events.

It sounds like a fantastic excuse to get together and relive those amazing shows. Well, maybe you'll avoid the Tribbles and instead go straight for the Next Generation-style adventure, but it opens up fantastic avenues for tabletop adventure.

Borg It Up?

If you're a massive fan of Star Trek you might have already tried to snap up the Borg Cube Edition of the game which comes with basically everything you need.

Star Trek Borg Cube

So what's inside this particular edition of the game?

  • Star Trek Adventures Collector’s Edition “1701-D” core rulebook.
  • Four sets of Star Trek Adventures 32mm scale miniatures: The Original Series crew, The Next Generation crew, a Klingon warband and a Romulan strike team.
  • Three sets of custom Star Trek Adventures dice - in Command Red, Operations Gold and Sciences Blue. Each set contains three twenty-sided dice and four six-sided Challenge dice.
  • A set of laser engraved tokens: 6 Momentum tokens in blue with the Federation emblem, and 20 Threat Tokens in red with the red alert display.
  • A pad of 50 reversible, colour character sheets, with character details on the front and starship details on the back.
  • A deluxe poster of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • A foam tray by KRMulticase with 40 compartments for the Star Trek Adventures 32mm scale miniatures, enough for all 4 sets contained in the cube, and then some!
  • A digital PDF bundle including the core book, plus the PDF’s of the Command, Operations and Sciences Division books, the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Quadrant books as well as These Are The Voyages Vol. 1 Mission book, as they are released.
  • An exclusive 32mm scale miniature of Lore (more exclusive villains will be added to each fleet of 500 Borg Cubes dispatched!).
  • An exclusive giant “Borg” Edition Gamemaster Screen.
  • Each Borg Cube is uniquely numbered with an official Star Trek Adventures hologram! There will be a fixed number of Borg Cubes based on pre-orders, after which it will not be available. Limited Edition numbers are randomly assigned to customers. The total value is estimated at £530 / $690 and with additional villain miniatures will rise further.

It sounds like the perfect things to get you going if you and your friends are really excited about this particular role-playing game.


In addition to all of the role-playing goodness on display from these books and accessories, you can also snap up some of the crews from the world too. You will have already seen the crews from the Original Series...

Original Series Bridge Crew

...and the Next Generation.

Next Generation Bridge Crew

But, you can now also check out the antagonist packs which will give you some enemies to fight on the tabletop. This takes the shape of both a set of Klingons...

Klingon Warband

...and also a Romulan Strike Team! Maybe you won't even bother with the role-playing aspect of the game and instead, find a reason to just take the combat aspect of the game to the tabletop.

Romulan Strike Team

It will be interesting to see if this game captures the feel of the show. While there was plenty of conflicts, the main thrust of it was about exploration, diplomacy and trying to settle scores in the galaxy without a fight.

So, if they manage to get that across and give us an awesome Star Fleet feel to our adventures then I'll be happy.

What do you think of the range?

"You will be able to head out into the darkness, exploring and battling as part of the Federation with your crew by your side..."

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