Go Beyond & Find Strange New Worlds In Star Trek Adventures

October 25, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius is taking you to Strange New Worlds with a new book for you to pick up in their Star Trek Adventures collection. Find out what's inside below...

Star Trek Adventures Strange New Worlds - Modiphius

Here what you will find within its pages...

  • Solve the mystery of a viral plague among a population of aliens who attempted to remove the virus by constructing a mammoth artificial ring around their planet
  • Explore an ancient doomsday seed vault on a barren, ice-covered world
  • Investigate strange events occurring in and around a massive ancient ‘skyhook’ gathering resources from a Jupiter-like gas giant
  • Determine how two separate species might have been caught together in an extinction-level event
  • Visit a strange disk made of hyperdense matter and attempt to survive the wholesome and lethal diversions it offers
  • Defuse a potentially violent situation on a neutral pilgrimage world
  • Encounter a renegade Ferengi on a planet with a sentient living ocean
  • Respond to a distress signal from a doomed Vulcan expeditionary team
  • Determine why a research facility in the Cardassian demilitarized zone has suddenly fallen silent

This all sounds very cool indeed! I love the idea of playing a Sci-Fi roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe because it's not just all fighting. Exploring, adventuring, conversing and uncovering mysteries is all part of the roleplaying experience that I don't think we see enough of.

From that list of adventures, it seems like this is an absurdly very Star Trek set of scenarios to play out!

Will you be giving this a go?

"...it seems like this is an absurdly very Star Trek set of scenarios to play out!"

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