The Suicide Squad Suits Up For Their Second Trailer

January 20, 2016 by dracs

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The second trailer for the upcoming DC Comics film Suicide Squad has been released, introducing us to many of the delightful psychos who will soon be heading to the big screen.

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is a DC superhero team made up of various villains from the comic book universe. They are sent in by the government to complete tasks and provide them with plausible deniability when (inevitably) stuff goes wrong.

They're a fun line up and this movie is definitely the DC film I am looking forward to the most.

Harley Quinn

This new trailer has a far livelier, more mad-cap tone than the previous one we've seen. Guns, explosions, one liners, all to the backing track of Queen.


It also gives us a good look at some of the characters and what they can do, introducing us to the more supernatural elements of this world.

El Diablo

Killer Croc


This film certainly looks a lot more "comic-booky" than its current DC counterparts.

However, the more lively style of this trailer rather clashes with the dark imagery we're seeing, as well as the more sombre, haunting tone of the first trailer. Perhaps they are trying to encourage fans who are a little tired of everything trying to be super dark that this one is going to have a little more fun, but the result is I have no idea what sort of tone they are going for with this movie.

I also still really don't like the new Joker look.


Giving him tattoos and everything just makes him too human to my mind. But as has been pointed out before, people didn't like Heath Ledger's Joker look when it first showed up, now it's an iconic interpretation of the character.

Fears aside, I am really looking forward to this movie, and this trailer has just furthered my anticipation. I didn't like Man of Steel and don't have much hope for Dawn of Justice, so I'm hoping this will be the DC comic book movie to really make it for me.

Does this trailer have you ready to see the movie? Who was your favourite Joker?

"Guns, explosions, one liners, all to the backing track of Queen."

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