2019 General’s Handbook Comes To Age Of Sigmar

June 10, 2019 by dracs

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Games Workshop have announced that the 2019 Age of Sigmar General's Handbook will be coming out for pre-order next week.

The General's Handbook is an essential guide for gaming in the Mortal Realms, with new rules for Narrative Play, Open Play, and Matched Play. It comes in two parts. The Handbook itself provides plenty of new options for games, ranging from new Streets of Death rules for urban warfare, to rules for new mercenary companies, an addition I am very excited for as it opens up new options for collectors and armies.

Meanwhile, all the new Pitched Battle profiles are contained within a separate booklet.

Fit For A Warlord

A special edition of the Handbook is also on the way with The Warlord Edition.

The Warlord Edition comes with new accessories to help with games of Age of Sigmar. First, there is a sheet of card tokens to keep track of what is happening on the battlefield.

These are followed by thirty battleplan cards for keeping track of missions and Meeting Engagements for narrative play, and 135 small-format cards for rules on everything from Mercenary Companies to Hidden Agendas.

Cards like these can be a useful addition to games, letting you keep track of everything without having to constantly flick back and forth through the pages of rulebooks.

What do you hope to find in the pages of this new Handbook? 

"The General's Handbook is an essential guide for gaming in the Mortal Realms."

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