80s Brutality, Hell & Motorbikes; Hell Knight RPG On Kickstarter!

December 2, 2021 by fcostin

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Hell on earth is certainly something that tabletop gamers have toyed with in the past. We are no stranger to the gruesome and macabre themes of hell, knowing the demons that dwell amongst the fires and torturous pits of hell.

Hell has certainly risen and players are placed in an 80s setting, alongside a stunning artbook in the Doom Biker RPG entitled Hell Knight.

Hell Knight Teaser Trailer // Gavriel Quiroga

The lands in which the dwellers of earth go to attune for their sins have spilt over onto our worlds. Hell was left dormant, leaving demons to their own devices of hellish torture. Yet, the Archons had other plans. These demons who rule underground are ready to reap hell above, shirking any responsibilities to their jobs in Hell, they are looking for freedom and punishment in God’s green earth.

Now, with the forces of evil taking over, you would expect the forces of good to be helping out? No, players have been provided an ultimatum to sort out their own mess: ¨You have until dawn to remove the deserters from the realm of man or else we will storm your gates¨. Not sure what is worse, taking on some bloodthirsty demons or being levelled by a celestial entity!

Hell Knight - Image Two

Hell Knight Kickstarter Edition // Gavriel Quiroga

Players must hunt down these demons, mounted atop of growling and roaring chopper, to take down the devious escapees who want nothing more than chaos in their reach.

Expect the takedowns to be as chaotic and metal as you imagine. The game promises black comedy, ultra-violence and in-depth lore to continue your adventures through the campaign.

Hell Knight - Image Three

Game Artwork // Hell Knight

Have until Dawn think you can do it? Players will be wielded with devastating weaponry, armour and relics to be prepared and armed with the very best demon-levelling artillery. The game is set in the 80s! So be prepared to look your damn coolest when taking down minions from Hell. Bandanna - check. Long luscious hair - check. Motorbike - check. Generic Steel Pather Garb - check.

So if you are feeling righteously metal, willing to take to the war-torn road with nothing more than the sound of your bike, screams and the earth levelling beneath your feet - be sure to check out Hell Knight on Kickstarter. The campaign has 51 days to go on the clock - so there is plenty of time to ponder. But don’t leave it too late - as the campaign has been funded, meaning the denizens of Hell will rise.

If you are looking for the perfect playlist to go alongside the game, be sure to check out the awesome one on the Kickstarter. With Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeath and more to get you in the Demon Hunting Spirit! 

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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