A Wave Of Releases Surge Towards Bushido Risen Sun

October 24, 2019 by avernos

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GCT Studio's have just launched the pre-orders for the wave two releases of Bushido Risen Sun and they are a stunningly varied bunch. Bushido is a fantasy skirmish game based on oriental myth and history, where small bands of heroes take the field and it is through cunning strategy and individual prowess battles are won and lost.

Cult of Yurei

The new releases from GCT studios really show off what you can do with low model count games, every sculpt is beautifully realised and characterful fitting into their faction and showing a unique flavour when together. There are four sets in wave two, with five miniatures and ten game cards in each set.

The Cult of Yurei is both beautiful and horrific, with bargains struck over life and death, many in the cult do not even realise they are part of it. Their own masters having masters and plans organised in the shadows for nefarious ends may have consequences that the puppet masters do not even foresee as they themselves are often serving masters of their own with an ineffable end goal.

Jung Pirates

The Jung clan had vanished for years, all but forgotten and believed to have been lost at sea. When they returned to claim their place the Jung fleet has taken what they desire from the traders around the Jwar Isles and none can come close to matching them on the seas. The Prefecture has labelled them pirates for their actions, but their own inexperienced crews and wallowing junks can not catch the Jung ships.

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Finally, we turn our eye, or should that be wing, to the Tengu Descension which is packed with lots of fascinating new models for you to pick up and use in your games, especially if you like painting feathered friends and working with some bright colours too.

The Descension

This is an awesome set to see included in the mix for the world of Bushido and overall it seems like it was a good idea to go back through and update as many of the sculpts as they could. The coming of Risen Sun which has got more folks diving into Bushido than ever before.

Which of the new sets are you going to be picking up?

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