Abandon All Hope In Role-Playing Horror Quietus

June 13, 2019 by cassn

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Quietus is a one-shot role-playing game which aims to emulate the tragic horror genre demonstrated in movies and shows such as The Babadook, The Haunting Of Hill House, and Oculus. The game aims to emotionally challenge its players, slowly building dread, tension, and tragedy.

Quietus isn't a gorefest, and instead builds on psychological fear. The game is designed to only accommodate a GM and one or two players, so there is no high body count to relieve the increasing pressure of the moment.

Quietus is also a game of difficult choices. You can gain dice by raising your anxiety levels, but with increased anxiety comes increased panic, the involvement of doomed side characters, and tragic details of your character's backstory.

Indeed, these 'Scar' moments provide a tragic interlude between the panicked horror of the present, and the silent anguish of past trauma which is relived in these flashback moments, providing a despairing moment in which your character is transported back to a time they wish they could forget.

Quietus is a race between Hope and Despair. If your characters Hope reaches a maximum, you are able to escape from the horror. However, if you fall into Despair, all hope is gone and you die, alone and scared, and consumed by loss.

Quietus is written by lifelong horror and RPG fan Oli Jeffrey, who has endeavored to create a one-shot scenario which will entice fans of the horror genre, alongside seasoned RPG players. The game will come in a stunningly illustrated 8.5" x 8.5" book, either in black-and-white softcover or full-colour hardcover. Check Quietus out now over on Kickstarter.

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"A game of difficult choices"

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