The Abyss Stares Back From Celestial Art

April 1, 2018 by dracs

Dimension Games are seeking to bring their new Celestial range to life, and have shown off some beautiful character concept art, as well as a look at the sculpts.

Gaze Not Into The Abyss

Celestial brings to us some fascinating characters, warped by their experience with the Abyss. The latest to be revealed is Y'icibyss, the Being of the Ultimate Abysm.


We don't know much about this character yet, but the character design is intriguing. It's very alien, with the flowing tendrils around it looking very disturbing. Even more disturbing is the concept for Jingwei.


Jingwei has a rather tragic backstory, adding a level of pathos to her character that comes across in the art. She died in the Sea of Consciousness, only to be resurrected, no longer a true Celestial, but something warped and malformed.

She hates and is hated by the Celestials who abandoned her and resents her own nature as a twisted being of the Abyss.

Nüwa Offers Salvation

For the mutated Celestials, there is one who offers hope. Nüwa was a Celestial who could commune with PanGu, but has since been disgraced after saying that the entity desires Celestials to change.


A sculpt of Nüwa has been previewed, showing a beautiful 88mm serpentine figure.

Nuwa Model

Nuwa Model Front

Nuwa Model Back

This range is looking beautiful, with some imaginative character pieces on the horizon. The background is especially intriguing and seems to have plenty of scope for drama and tragedy.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

"Plenty of scope for drama and tragedy..."

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