Aconyte Books Showcase More On Their First FFG Stories

December 5, 2019 by brennon

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Aconyte Books have been making deals with a fair few companies but one of them that catches our attention is that with Asmodee and Fantasy Flight Games. They are going to be building up a series of stories based around their games including the likes of KeyForge, Descent, Arkham Horror and as we found our recently, Legend Of The Five Rings.

Curse Of Honor - Legend Of The Five Rings

The first book is from David Annadale and is called Curse Of Honor. Here is what the book is all about...

"Striking Dawn Castle defends the mountains between the Rokugan empire and the demon-haunted Shadowlands. When a mythical city is discovered in the forbidding peaks, Hida Haru, heir and sore disappointment to his family, seizes the opportunity to prove himself. His rash expedition ends in disaster – just one samurai returns alive, and Haru is lost. Before a power struggle can break out, Striking Dawn’s battle-hardened commander, Ochiba, is dispatched to rescue Haru. She succeeds against supernatural horrors, but Haru is… changed. Now, mysterious deaths and ill fortune plague his family. Something evil is loose and must be stopped, at any cost."

This all sounds very cool indeed and considering how rich the world of Rokugan is, it makes sense that they would dive in to try and tell new tales of what is out there amongst its rich lore. This might be the nudge you need to dive into the card game or perhaps try out the roleplaying game that Fantasy Flight Games brought out a few years ago.

There are lots of other books on the way which you can see HERE and one that caught my eye is for Pandemic called Patient Zero!

Are you tempted to check out these books when they release throughout 2020?

"This might be the nudge you need to dive into the card game..."

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