Aconyte Set Forth To Tell Tales From KeyForge’s Crucible

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Aconyte Books have detailed more about their next book for 2020 which will start to delve deeper into the worlds created by Asmodee & Fantasy Flight Games. Tales From The Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology is going to their first collection.

Tales From The Crucible - Aconyte Books

Here is the blurb for this one...

"Welcome to the Crucible – an artificial planet larger than our sun – an ever-growing patchwork of countless other worlds, filled with creatures, sentient beings and societies stolen from across the universe by the mythical Architects. Across this dizzying juxtaposition of alien biospheres, the enigmatic and godlike Archons seek to unlock the secrets at the heart of the Crucible.

Everyone else is just trying to survive… Explore ten tales of adventure in a realm where science and magic team up, of discovery and culture clash, featuring mad Martian scientists, cybernetic surgeons, battle reenactors, elven thieves, private investigators, goblins, saurian monsters, and the newly arrived human Star Alliance."

This all sounds very cool indeed. If there is any world which is open to telling all sorts of mad stories then KeyForge is the one. I am fascinated to see what kind of tales they throw into the mix and how varied they all are. This should be a great opportunity for some writers to just go wild.

Will you be checking it out?

"This should be a great opportunity for some writers to just go wild..."

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