Aimin’ To Misbehave With Blackwater’s Tranquility Crew

April 3, 2014 by brennon

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Gangfight Games have bought out their Tranquility Crew (based on the characters from Firefly) for you to add into your games of Blackwater Gulch. Not only that but they've also released Doc Lloyd and Shamus McFox too for some added kick...

Tranquility Crew

Doc Lloyd & Shamus Fox

The Tranquility Crew take to their riverboat and go raiding up and down the course of it. Not only do they have Nathan Reinhold leading the way but also Adam James as muscle, Dr. Simon as the healer, Julie the mechanic and Reverend Sheppard making sure their souls get to heaven.

Quite the neat looking crew that would be a bit of a bonus for Firefly fans too.

Have you been playing Blackwater Gulch?

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