Angels And Half-Oni Are On the Way From King Racoon

July 10, 2019 by dracs

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King Racoon Games have some exciting news on the horizon, ranging from a new faction for their game Tsukuyumi, to a journey to an Island of Angels.

Begin The Dark Crusade

King Racoon have launched a new pre-order campaign to bring a new faction into Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down, The Dark Crusade.

The Dark Crusade are the remnants of KG 01, those members of the Marduk Order that were tasked with taking the fight against Tsukuyumi into the heart of the fallen moon itself!

Unfortunately, they found themselves exposed to the power of Tsukuyumi, turning them into oni. However, their training and faith allowed them to fight back against this warping power, letting them retain their own individual will.

Like their former fellows in the Kampfgruppe 03, The Dark Crusade are highly elite in nature. So elite, in fact, that there are only three of them. However, each of them is a major powerhouse in their own right, and can even extend some limited control over the surrounding oni.

This expansion makes explicit use of cardboard standees. However, King Racoon have teased that a miniature version of the faction is not out of the question.

You can find out more about The Dark Crusade at the pre-order campaign.

In Search Of Angels

King Racoon have also announced their next big game: Eos - Island of Angels.

Eos is a worker placement game set within a fantasy world. Each game, players choose from a group of different character to create their group of adventurers. They then set off to the titular island of angels, either seeking to free them or destroy them once and for all.

King Racoon's games tend to feature very interesting world-building. The background of Eos is one i find intriguing and I would love to find out more about what is going on here.

A print-and-play version of the game has already been made available via King Racoon's Patreon.

All in all, some pretty cool looking stuff on the horizon for King Racoon. Tsukuyumi made something of a splash last year and it is good to see them continuing to support it, as well as looking ahead to future games.

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below.

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