Animal Adventures Aplenty Pop Up From Dark Sword Miniatures

December 2, 2019 by brennon

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Dark Sword Miniatures has been showing off some very nice miniatures for those looking to add a dose of animal adventuring goodness into the mix. Leading the way we have a band of Kitsune who have been dressed up as all sorts of different heroes.

Kitsune Rogue - Dark Sword Miniatures

The first miniature which caught my eye was this one, the Kitsune Rogue. The style of the model is great and really shows off the slim and deadly nature of a Rogue. You could imagine her scampering her way through the woods with her eye on the prize, hunting down her foes with merciless intent.

You can also get your hands on a little more of a friendly-looking Kitsune with the Ranger option. She is armed with a bow and has her hunting hawk at the ready, swooping up into the skies so that it can survey the area and call out to her when enemies are close.

Kitsune Ranger - Dark Sword Miniatures

Moving towards the spellcasting side of things you've got this wonderfully adorned Druid who has woven symbols of nature throughout her armour and weapon. You can just tell that that staff of hers harbours some seriously epic power.

Kitsune Druid - Dark Sword Miniatures

Finally, for my selection at least, we have the Kitsune Bard. I love that this Kitsune has been painted up in the style of a Arctic Fox which is a good point of difference. It certainly works with the more ostentatious set of clothes.

Kitsune Bard - Dark Sword Miniatures

There are a few more Kitsune offerings as part of their releases for this month and as a whole, it's great to see lots more companies creating alternative animal adventurers. I love seeing this kind of thing pop up, especially if you're looking to use them for role-playing purposes.

Additional Animals

As well as the range of Kitsune adventures for the game there are also some extras in the form of the Cat Warrior...

Cat Warrior - Dark Sword Miniatures

...and some cool alternative heroes like the Dog Ranger and the Kenku (brr) Mage who is going to summoning up magical energy in order to take down its foes.

Dog Ranger - Dark Sword Miniatures

Kenku Mage - Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures has been going for a long time and they have been creating all sorts of fascinating models recently. Things have stepped away from more traditional Fantasy fare and A Song Of Ice & Fire to offer up some nice options for those looking to do something different.

What do you make of these new releases?

"Dark Sword Miniatures has been going for a long time and they have been creating all sorts of fascinating models recently..."

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