Anvil Power Up Pulse Mechs & Bring It All To Salute 2015!

April 8, 2015 by brennon

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Anvil Industry have powered up their Pulse Mechs in a series of new previews of the miniatures coming out soon that will be available at Salute 2015. As well as the heavily armoured Republic soldiers they also have the dangerous looking Unity Guard for Afterlife...

Iron Man?

Clad in some rather impressive looking armour the Pulse Mechs are some of the coolest looking additions to the Afterlife universe yet I would say.

Pulse Mech

Republic Pulse Mech Veteran

Above you have an early render and then the work they've been doing on the Pulse Mech Veteran who has decided to get rid of the helmet and instead embrace the awesome power of the mohawk. It looks like he's taken a shot to the skull for his troubles but he seems ok about it.

Unity & Salute!

Something that I reckon the Unity Guard below would be making you do IS Salute so if you are coming over to the event in London in a couple of weeks and LOVE Afterlife the guys at their studio are considering setting up an after party by prior invitation only with Kickstarter backers getting first dibs. You'd have to register your interest to come along.

Unity Guard

Games, chatter, and loads of models are going to be on offer at Salute this year from Anvil so make sure to keep an eye out for their stall.

You can find out more Salute information in their Kickstarter update about this HERE and send an email to [email protected] in advance if you're interested by the after party idea.

Which faction is your pick for Afterlife?

"...the Pulse Mech Veteran has decided to get rid of the helmet and instead embrace the awesome power of the mohawk!"

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