Artel W Show Off Two New Fantasy Heroes For Zolotoy Dub Range

November 16, 2018 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has been showing off two new the new Fantasy miniatures from the Zolotoy Dub collection. The first of these is the Sorceress.

Sorceress - Zolotoy Dub

The Sorceress comes in with a rather 'traditional' look to her design. I think we've seen quite a lot of mages dressed in very little but I do actually like the overall design with the magical symbols on her belt and the flowing skirt out the back.

The one thing I might change on the miniature for myself is removing the headdress I think.

Stoic Adventurer

As well as this Sorceress who could either be a Human or an Elf, we have this Dwarf Ranger.

Dwarf Ranger - Zolotoy Dub

This fellow follows a lot of the standard Fantasy tropes for the Dwarves and would make for a perfect adventurer in a role-playing group or the leader of a unit in a larger battle game. I like the beard details and the fact that you've got all of his kit stored on his back, ready for any encounter.

The rest of this collection is well worth exploring in more detail and I would recommend that folks get stuck into the collection to find out what kind of Fantasy characters they have on offer. I mean, who could say no to this Goblin?

Goblin Captain - Zolotoy Dub

I think this could be a range that a lot of folks get stuck into when they're looking for particularly characterful miniatures. We do know that Artel W does some sterling work in Sci-Fi so this is a nice hop over into a Fantasy world.

What do you think?

"I mean, who could say no to this Goblin?"

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