Atlantis Miniatures Release Their Stunning Wood Elves

July 7, 2021 by brennon

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Atlantis Miniatures has now released their stunning 28mm Wood Elf Fantasy miniatures onto their webstore! You can now (like me) work out how you could include them in your collection. I mean, you have to snap them up, right?

Elf Spellcaster - Atlantis Miniatures

Elf Spellcaster // Atlantis Miniatures

The folks at Atlantis Miniatures have put together quite an extensive collection of Elves for you to use in your games. There are loads of characters like the Spellcaster above and there is a good mix of both male and female characters too.

Elf Archer - Atlantis Miniatures

Elf Archer // Atlantis Miniatures

I really like the style of the sculpts from Atlantis Miniatures. They have done amazing work in the past on their Dwarves, Ogres, Goblins and Orcs and the same can be said of their Elves. I like that they are very in keeping with the traditional Wood Elf look but with a little something different showcased in each sculpt.

Elf Archers - Atlantis Miniatures

Elf Archers // Atlantis Miniatures

For example, I like that you've got those traditionally lithe and angular Elven features but there are hints to their ties to nature in the look. The "woody" looking horns that curl from their heads and the shaggy hair that feels like it could be painted a deep green to match the moss and leaves of their woodland realm.

Elf Stag Riders - Atlantis Miniatures

Elf Stag Riders // Atlantis Miniatures

There are plenty of miniatures that you'd come to expect from an Elf army in this set. You've got your archers, cavalry mounted on wild animals, spearmen and more. But, you've also got a few little surprises in the mix too like a pack of critters!

Forest Critters - Atlantis Miniatures

Forest Critters // Atlantis Miniatures

Remember when I wanted to make an entire army of woodland creatures? It looks like I might have found my source of inspiration! There are loads of additional kits for you to check out over on their webstore including terrain for bases and monsters!

Are you going to be picking up these new Elves from Atlantis Miniatures?

"There are loads of additional kits for you to check out over on their webstore including terrain for bases and monsters! "

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