Bandua Wargames Craft Alternative Tokens For KeyForge

December 11, 2018 by brennon

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Bandua Wargames has been working away on a range of KeyForge tokens for you to use when accessorising the unique card game from Fantasy Flight.

Gold Keyforge Compatible Tokens - Bandua Wargames

There are two variants from you to pick from with Gold and Silver available.

I like what they’ve done for the Keys and Aember in the game but I’m not won over by the wound and assorted other tokens that they’ve got as part of these sets.

Silver KeyForge Compatible Tokens - Bandua Wargames

I think if I was going to be picking these up I’d just get some of the Keys and Aember and then either source the other components from other suppliers or begin raiding some from those board games I don’t play too often (as I have been!).

One of the strengths of KeyForge does lie in the fact that you can just cobble together bits and pieces for it and play the game at a nice low-cost entry price with folks.

What do you think of their designs?

"There are two variants from you to pick from with Gold and Silver available..."

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