Organise Your Barnyard In Abstract Puzzle Game Hens!

February 2, 2022 by fcostin

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Do you have what it takes to control a barnyard of Hens? Little Rocket Games are now up on Kickstarter with the newest title, Hens. Putting players in forefront of farmlands to organise and control a grid of prize-winning flock.

60210705-Hens - Cover Image

Hens // Little Rocket Games

Players will take the role of a barnyard breeder, specifying in Hens to create a farm that flourishes in a prize-winning plethora of breeds. 2-4 players will have access to a wide grid to which they will store their coveted hens, hoping to store the same breeds of hen from the luck of the draw, whilst meeting objective cards for more points along the way.

There are 72 different cards in the draw, with eight different breeds to collect. So players will need to strategize when placing into their grid, as when the twelfth card is placed: the player who has collected the point points by the end of the 20-minute game will be crowned the champion.

Player Grid - Hens

Player Grid // Hens

If you did want to give the game a play before backing, you can head on over to Tabletopia to ensure you have what it takes to keep a barnyard in prosperity. Or take a peek at the rulebook for the full scope of play.

There are a wide bunch of stretch goals to be unlocked, including upgrades to cards and components and additional goals to meet in-game. There is also a solo mode to be added if Little Rocket Games meet their social goals.

There are 20 days left on the clock for the campaign and already funded past the initial goal. Anticipation and strategy will be needed to build the best grid to bring a calm and collected barnyard.

I am petrified of chickens... Once upon a time, I was chased by a Silky Chicken. Have not trusted them since! 

"2-4 players will have access to a wide grid to which they will store their coveted hens..."

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