Battle Systems Dive Deeper Into Dangerous Days Expansion

April 10, 2020 by brennon

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Battle Systems are gearing up for the pre-orders and eventual release of their new Core Space expansion, Dangerous Days. Pre-orders go live next week and the full release of the book will be later in May but the folks behind it dived in to reveal more details of what awaits within.

Core Space Dangerous Days Book - Battle Systems

Here's some of the blurb from the book to get us started...

"The galaxy is fast heading for a new dark age. Although dealt a serious blow the Purge are fighting back and they’re winning. Worlds shut their borders, trade routes close and travel between sectors is met with hostility.

The Purge are virtually unchallenged and are sweeping through sector after sector. In these desperate times the Traders are forced to take more dangerous jobs for less gain.

Life is hard but so are the Traders; this is where they are at their best, fighting impossible odds and scraping a living. In a galaxy where the authorities are ignoring the real dangers and the soldiers stand by idle a new type of hero is needed.

Maybe you are that hero…"

All of that sounds very cool indeed and this kind of narrative slant is what makes Core Space such a fun game to dive into. If that blurb had you interested then maybe a deeper look at what is included will perk you up even more?

  • New Campaign Rules - Crank it up to 11 as the new galactic conditions force your crew into life-changing decisions.
  • New NPCs - Add Workers and Scavengers to your games and adapt your tactics to overcome the new challenges.
  • Rogue Purge - What happens when the Purge disconnect from their masters? Watch and learn as they invade your board as NPCs and then take control of them as a new Trader crew!
  • New Special Rules -Add new terrain types to your games and find new ways to interact with your surroundings.
  • Core Space FAQ - All the answers you need to streamline your Core Space experience.
  • The Dangerous Days Campaign - 8 narrative missions in which you will infiltrate mighty corporations and reluctantly ally yourself with the galactic police!
  • New Mission Briefings - Over 15 additional standalone missions collated from the Mission Monday archives!
  • Painting Guide - Get some top tips and colour schemes from the painter of the Battle Systems studio minis!

I like that we're going to be seeing an increased difficulty level in the game which makes everything you do have that little bit more risk. Meaningful decisions are always good in any kind of game and when they have weight throughout a story-based campaign, that's even cooler.

Core Space Dangerous Days Miniatures #1 - Battle Systems

If you'd like to find out more about what the team at Battle Systems have planned for this expansion then you can check out the blog right HERE. They have expanded upon the points listed above and talked about some more of the morsels that are waiting within its pages. I am super stoked to see the addition of these Rogue Purge who have been given a very nice look and feel. As someone who likes the automatons and robots, it's always neat to see some who have gone off the reservation.

Core Space Dangerous Days Miniatures #2 - Battle Systems

Keep an eye out for the pre-orders which are going live soon and make sure to let us know what you think of Core Space. We've really enjoyed playing it over the years and it's good to see that the expansion is garnering a lot of attention right now.

Are you going to be snapping this up?

"Keep an eye out for the pre-orders which are going live soon and make sure to let us know what you think of Core Space..."

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