Battlefront Release Teaser Trailer for 2019

December 20, 2018 by cassn

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Battlefront have released a new teaser trailer for 2019 and, let me tell you, next year is going to be awesome.

Next year is going to bring some big changes, with Team Yankee adopting a name change to World War III - Team Yankee. There will also be a new rulebook which will fully align with Flames of War, changes to reserves and improvement of artillery, and card pack releases for Iraq and Iranian forces!

In May, Flames of War will see a new book - Colours of War. This book is launched in partnership with paint company Vallejo, and there will be new paint packs coming out later in the year to showcase this new partnership.

However, perhaps the biggest announcement from this trailer is the June launch of Late War. This is a massive undertaking by Battlefront and involves a four-year plan which will see thirteen books launched.

In 2019, fans will be able to get the Normandy releases. These are four books - American, German, British and Waffen-SS. Battlefront has said the plastics are their "best ever to date", and will include the M5 Stuart, Scott and WW2 Jeeps.

There will also be two starter sets launched in 2019 - Fury and Hit the Beach, a Fortress Europe book and new card packs, not to mention an upcoming Beasts of War campaign. That's one busy year!

2020 will see the release of the Eastern Front range, followed by The Bulge in 2021 and, finally, Berlin in the final year. For now, though, 2019 is set to be awesome!

Are you excited for the release of Late War?

"The plastics are their "best ever to date", and will include the M5 Stuart, Scott and WW2 Jeeps!"

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