Beat Desert Heat With New Long Range Command Vehicle

February 7, 2019 by cassn

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Offensive Miniatures have released images of their latest vehicle miniature, designed to last through the hottest of terrains. This Long Range Desert Group Command Vehicle features a drop down tail gate, radio rack, other kits, and various weapons, including a Lewis gun, K-Guns, 30 and 50 calibres, bren and small arms.


The kit also contains ten figures (2 radio operators, 3 drivers in different headgear, and 4 machine gun operators). Overall, there are over 70 pieces in the kit, making sure your sand dune strikes are well equipped!

So if you're willing to battle in the barren heat of the desert, head over to Offensive Miniatures now and gear up your troops!

What is your favourite terrain for historical war gaming?

"Make sure your sand dune strikes are well equipped!"

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