Begin A UKGE Blood Feud In Vampire Mega Board Game

May 26, 2019 by dracs

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Everything Epic Games are working on a new mega-board game set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade and they are bringing it with them to this year's UKGE.

A mega game is something of a hybrid, combining elements of board games, wargames, tabletop role-playing games, and even LARP. They are usually held across a number of different tables, sometimes taking up a whole room, and can be run as a day-long event involving anywhere up to one hundred players.

With Vampire: The Masquerade - Blood Feud, Everything Epic have teamed up with designer Ben Kanelos to create a mega board game, streamlining the traditional mega-game experience and make it more manageable and accessible for players.

Blood Feud, a Mega Board Game ® is a highly thematic, team-based, strategic game that plays 4-32 players and is run by 1-2 storytellers who also interact and play in the Mega Board Game . The players may play as one of the warring vampire clans such as Ventrue, Tremere, Gangrel, Toreador or perhaps you’ll choose to become one of the human factions fighting for their own desires, such as City Hall, the Mafia, or the Arcanum, with many more to choose from. Additionally, we’ve integrated the story world of Vampire: The Masquerade by adding storyteller scenarios that add an optional narrative approach to the game. Players also will gain disciplines, which give them powerful supernatural abilities unique to their character. Lastly, teams will choose their ambitions, which allow for multiple paths to victory, such as being bloodthirsty, manipulative, greedy, or somewhere in between.

The game is set to run on the night of Friday the 31st at UKGE, starting off at 19:00 and finishing at 22:00, with enough spaces for thirty-two players to participate.

I have never played a mega-game, but this one promises to combine all my favourite elements of gaming. You have the strategy and board play of traditional board games, mixed with the character focus of role play and LARP, all brought together as you play vampires and humans engaged in their own Machiavellian schemes.

Most Vampire games I've played tend to focus on being low-level vampires, new to their undead existence. A game like this promises to give a true taste of the political manipulations that Vampire: The Masquerade is so good at bringing to life.

Everything Epic are bringing the game to Kickstarter later this year and tickets are now available for booking for the UKGE event.

Does this sound like a game you could sink your teeth in to? 

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