Bifrost Miniatures Unleash A Band Of Skittering Kobolds

April 3, 2020 by brennon

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Bifrost Miniatures have their sights set on the release of a bunch of new Fantasy miniatures soon and while heroes are all well and good, you need some foes too. That's where their pack of Kobold Personalities comes in which they showed off this week.

Kobolds - BiFrost Miniatures

Lined up for release soon, these Kobolds would be a really nice addition into the mix alongside some dungeon delving adventures. I think with enough tinkering and maybe one or two packs of these you'd have enough Kobolds to see you right for a while. You might even want to take the next step and turn them into a full warband or army for a skirmish game too.

It is well worth checking out more of what Bifrost Miniatures/Warbases has been teasing for this collection over on Facebook. They have some fun stuff in the mix and it will be neat to see where they go next with it too.

What do you make of these cheeky Kobolds?

"What do you make of these cheeky Kobolds?"

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