Big Hulking Brutes Show Up In Latest Artel W Sci-Fi Previews

October 31, 2019 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some new miniatures which will be popping up soon via their webstore. Leading the way we have this Unstoppable Brute who might remind folks of a certain British actor trying very hard.

Unstoppable Brute - Artel W

He is quite the juggernaut and as you can see they have designed options which allow you to either use the model as part of your Blood Bowl team or in a badass Sci-Fi gang. I used to run a Human team in Blood Bowl called the Ostland Ogres and this would have been a great character to throw into the mix.

Beyond that, he'd be perfect as part of a cool Kill Team or alongside a band of dirty warriors in Necromunda. Imagine this fellow stomping towards you with his flamethrower at the ready!

Catch A Ride

As well as this big fellow there is also this chap who made me chuckle.

Outlaw Brutes - Artel W

This is another awesome way to show off a heavy weapon team in your Sci-Fi games. You've got a nice bit of mutation mixed in there alongside some trappings from classic gangers of Necromunda past. Once again, this would be a great way to bring some alternative models into the mix for your Kill Teams and Necromunda gangs. I could see this as a fun way of making a heavy weapon team for a Chaos force too which is made up of Cultists and Traitor Guard.

I would love to see someone painting up the Artel W Miniatures range. We see a lot of renders but not much of the final product on the gaming table.

Are there folks out there painting these models?

"Are there folks out there painting these models?"

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