Protect Black Scorpion’s New Nobleman With Men At Arms

March 3, 2021 by brennon

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Black Scorpion has added two new sets of 28mm miniatures to their webstore for those expanding upon their Breninmoor collection. Crossing the genres of Historical and Fantasy, these might be a nice start to a new warband.

Nobleman - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Nobleman // Black Scorpion Miniatures

The first of the models is the new Nobleman sporting a flowing cloak, chainmail and a grim expression. He also seems like he's enjoyed the luxuries of being a noble and seems like quite the broad fellow! That isn't to say he isn't good in a fight and I would imagine he'd hold his own if his castle was attacked.

New Men At Arms

Keeping an eye on him, we also have this new set of four Men At Arms. With axes, spears and swords at the ready, they look like a suitably hardy fighting force.

Men At Arms 21 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Men At Arms // Black Scorpion Miniatures

With a touch of the grimdark about them, these wouldn't look out of place as Bretonnians if you were to include them in games like Warhammer Fantasy Battles or Mordheim. They'd also work really well in Historical games too and you could see them being the kind of foes that Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men would go up against.

The Breninmoor collection now offers quite the array of characters and their followers that could be used to create a little skirmishing warband. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go when it comes to other Fantasy races. We've seen Halflings and Ogres but it would be fun to see how they tackle classics like Elves and Dwarves too.

Are you liking these new Breninmoor miniatures?

" could see them being the kind of foes that Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men would go up against"

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