Brutal New Waffen-SS Shocktroopers Hit Konflikt ’47

January 24, 2018 by brennon

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Looking like they came straight from the world of Wolfenstein, Warlord Games and Konflikt '47 welcomes a new squad for the German army as they show off the Waffen-SS Shocktroopers.

German Waffen-SS Shocktroopers Squad #1 - Konflikt '47

These fellows look dangerously awesome, bringing in a lot of thoughts evoked by the likes of Killzone and the aforementioned Wolfenstein. When it comes to equipment standard weaponry includes the Stg44 assault rifle and MG44 machine gun which is complemented by disposable panzerfausts and rifle grenades.

German Waffen-SS Shocktroopers Squad #2 - Konflikt '47

They all look suitably badass and the right fit for a Weird World War setting. I like the idea of these fellows marching alongside their insidious leader acting as his elite bodyguard on the battlefield.

What do you make of these new Shocktroopers?

"These fellows look dangerously awesome..."

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