Get Down To Business With Android Netrunner’s New Pack

March 11, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have now released the latest Data Pack for Android: Netrunner. You'll be getting to the point of it with Business First where we get a new identity for the Jinteki Corporation...

Business First

Palana Foods is the bright face of Jinteki which is going to be supplying the people with the food they need to get by. However behind the scenes Jinteki are doing some nefarious things with clones. The Runner on the other hand gets a new card from World Champion, Jens Erickson.

Buisness First Card Fan

CBI Raid is a great card which doesn't benefit the Runner but instead effects the Corporation. Adding all of the cards in their hand back to the top of R&D means that you can force them into a situation where your multi-access can get a hold of a whole bunch of cards they thought were safe.

As well as the new Data Pack they have also now released The Worlds of Android book to the world...

The World Of Android

This is basically THE coffee table book for fans of the world of Android. If you were wanting to do a role-play in this world then you could very easily use this as a sourcebook.

I REALLY want one of these!

"This is basically THE coffee table book for fans of the world of Android..."

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