Osprey Publishing Helps You Get Into Steampunk.

September 7, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Osprey Publishing has announced an upcoming book called Steampunk Soldiers:Uniforms and Weapons from the Age of Steam, that will help all fans of  the Steampunk genre come up with ideas in customizing their miniatures and backstories.

Steampunk Soldiers: Uniforms & Weapons From the Age of Steam

In this fictional work, a British student Miles Vandercroft, travels the world cataloging  different soldiers, weapons and other technologies from a time period of 1887 to 1895, what they consider the Steampunk era. This book will be available in November of this year in a printed and ebook version. This will be an interesting book to add to anyones collection. I think this book comes at a great time with games like Wolfsung and Twisted among others set in this time period.

How's your Steampunk faction?

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