Centaurs Gallop In From RGD + Wargames Atlantic Outsourcing

April 8, 2020 by avernos

Two companies have come together to provide fans of fantasy and Greek myth two very unique plastic box sets. RGD Gaming started as an eBay store for gaming and after getting into kings of war realised that there was a lack of generic plastic fauns and centaurs.

hooved warband

If you wanted plastics you had one choice, hulking chaotic brutes from GW. If you wanted neutral or good creatures for your armies then you had to find metal miniatures which pushed cost and weight for your regiments through the roof.

Most of us would live with the choices available to us, but Robert went a different way. Instead, he used the contacts he had started to make over the years in the industry to find a sculptor and a new plastic production company to help to produce them and went to Kickstarter.

Now the two box sets are available to preorder for retail and it's a unique story to see an independent company get plastic miniatures out into the world.

faun centaur comparison

The plastic boxes come with a wealth of weapon options and body options to make your units as unique as possible, and both boxes come with bonus sprues of the other set. The Faun box allows you to make twenty-four fauns, twelve male and twelve female, with a variety of weapons from bows and javelins to shields with spears or hand weapons. There is even a two-handed weapon based upon the falx.

faun sprue

The box also comes with a single centaur sprue allowing you to make 2 centaurs and all of the parts on both sprues are entirely interchangeable. Or if you chose to pick up the Centaur box itself. Twelve centaurs with four lower horse body types for variation is once again accompanied by a panoply of equipment and armaments based around those of the classical Mediterranean warriors.

Apart from various head types, male, female, horned and regular the box has two sprues of fauns so you can make six infantry while still having sufficient options between the sprues to equip your Dionysian herd in the manner that best suits.

centaur sprue

Ideal for Kings of War I can also see these getting a lot of use from games like Gods and Mortals and also for people who fancy injecting some myth into Clash of Spears among so many other possible fantasy games. So now that they have entered production and Wargames Atlantic are handling distribution outside of the USA for Robert they have chosen to announce a new initiative. Not the Avengers but Outsourcing, in their own words

Even as we were launching Wargames Atlantic, we helped RGD Gaming with their first plastics - the Fauns and Centaurs. Now we are even better placed to help others. We had always planned to do something more formal, so hey, why not start in the middle of a global pandemic!
It could be a terrible time to start this, but it also may be a great time as so many companies and creative people are sidelined from their normal everyday work and possibly ready to launch games and figure lines themselves in preparation for when all this coronavirus mess is behind us.
We’ve built an incredible network of designers, sculptors, engineers, logistics people, and distributors that allow us to take our ideas from concept through design and engineering and culminate in a box of plastic miniatures on a shelf at your local friendly game shop.
The idea behind this is to provide an end-to-end service for developing best-in-class injection molded plastic projects. Whether you are an established company or a newly minted entrepreneur, we may be able to help with your plastic needs.

It's not a cheap step to take and RGD Gaming and Robert really squeezed what they could into the sprues with the money they made in the Kickstarter and now with Wargames Atlantic going from strength to strength, I hope to see other people with a passion but not the industry knowledge take them up on their idea and push on for the fringe and esoteric.

What would your one plastic sprue wish be?

"Ideal for Kings of War I can also see these getting a lot of use from games like Gods and Mortals and also for people who fancy injecting some myth into Clash of Spears..."

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