Choose Your House with Game of Thrones Resin House Cards

September 1, 2013 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have released a new series of stylish resin house cards for each of the main houses in Game of Thrones the Card Game, letting you show your loyalty with style!

Resin House Cards

Resin House Cards 2

Not having played the Game of Thrones Card Game I don't know how the House Cards are used in the game.

However, I can say that these resin cards look great. They clearly depict the iconic imagery of each of the great houses and are sure to prove popular with collectors of both the game and Game of Thrones fans in general.

Personally I want a House Bolton card. I know they aren't one of the great houses, but considering that their sigil is a flayed man I think it might provide me with a psychological edge.

What are your thoughts on the card game? Are any of you big fans of Game of Thrones?

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