CMON And IDW Fuse To Form Dragon Ball Z Miniature Game

July 24, 2019 by dracs

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CMON and IDW Games have announced that they will be joining forces in order to bring the classic Toei Animation show Dragon Ball Z to the tabletop.

In their Facebook announcement, CMON gave us a bit more of an idea what to expect:

CMON and IDW Games are fusing their talents to bring Dragon Ball Z to the table top in 2020!

Leveraging IDW’s creative partnership with Toei Animation and CMON’s masterful work in game design and miniature production, Dragon Ball Z Miniature Mayhem will be a fast-paced, dice-driven, battle royale.

Players will get to create their dream “what if” showdowns as many of the iconic heroes and villains will face off against each other in an effort to determine who’s the strongest fighter in the universe. Stay tuned!

So far, there haven't been any further details on how the game itself will play out. Given CMON's expertise with miniature-focused board games, I think we can expect to see many of the classic characters from the show as models.

I'm hoping we get to see some particularly dramatic poses with these, and a mechanic that means a player literally has to strike a pose and yell for two turns to charge could be fun.


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