Command The Zulu Conflict With New Perry Miniature Releases

May 19, 2019 by cassn

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Perry Miniatures have announced a new series of mounted and unmounted British infantry will be joining their Zulu War range.


These 19th-century soldiers are the perfect contingent to deploy in the fight for control of the Southern African region against the Zulu forces. Perry miniatures have included mounted infantry support and infantry command troops in their design.


I really like the sculpt on these miniatures - the slightly weary horses really encapsulates the climate of the Zulu conflict. Even the dismounted infantry are well-designed - they look alert and full of trepidation!


So, if you think your strategic mind is ready to begin the conquest of the Kingdom of Zulu, head over to Perry Miniatures and recruit your men!

What Zulu conflict would you want to recreate with these soldiers? Tell us below!

"Encapsulates the climate of the Zulu conflict!"

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