Commandos & Special Agents Leap Into Star Wars: Legion

February 12, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been dropping even more goodness for the world of Star Wars: Legion. We're sticking with the prequel era of films and taking a peek at some deadly operatives and commandos for both the Galactic Republic and Separatists.

Arc Troopers Unit - Star Wars Legion

At the head of the previews for this week we have the Arc Troopers Unit which gives you some high-flying options which will be key in taking and holding objectives across the tabletop. The set is going to come packed with all manner of different options and they are going to act as an excellent strike force which is able to pinpoint the weak point in your enemies army.

Perhaps acting like the bulwark against such advances by the Galactic Republic you have the BX-Series Droid Commandos Unit which are armed with deadly melee and ranged weapons plus those pretty awesome looking shields!

BX-Series Droid Commandos Unit - Star Wars Legion

Armed with vibroswords they are even capable of holding their own against the Jedi should they come knocking! These droids can also drop mines into the mix, allowing you to cordon off certain areas of the tabletop. That seems like the perfect way to produce a refused flank.

Special Agents

Looking beyond units we also have some new character models too. Sneaking away from her duties we have Padme Amidala who is dressed in her garb from Attack Of The Clones. She can be armed with two different blasters and a fetching cloak.

Padme Amidala - Star Wars Legion

It would be very awesome to now also see a miniature for Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, dressed as they were during this particular encounter. You could then try and find some of those big alien beasties from the arena and play out a fun little scenario using these characters!

Twirling his guns and getting ready for a shootout we also have the pistol-whipping gunslinger that is Cad Bane. Man, this guy is cool...

Cad Bane - Star Wars Legion

When the Separatists need someone 'dealt with' they turn to Cad Bane to get things done. He is armed with some mean pistols and also wields deadly electro gauntlets as well. He can be armed with all manner of different weapons and accessories which are designed to make his bounty hunts go without a hitch.

As with the Amidala miniature, you can get versions of Cad Bane with or without his hat plus a pose where he is checking the data on his gauntlet, perhaps looking for details on his next target.

Are you tempted to snap up these new miniatures?

"Are you tempted to snap up these new miniatures?"

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