Conqueror Models Lead Their Dwarven Fyrd Into Battle

December 5, 2018 by brennon

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Conqueror Models has been building on its Dark Age Dwarf army which could be used as a great stand-in for a Historical force in games like SAGA. Imagine these as your Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Dane warband!

Dwarf Army General & Banner Bearer - Conqueror Models

Leading the way we have the new Dwarf Army General & Banner Bearer which might be a good pair of leader figures to throw into the mix as your head honchos of a force. The folks at Conqueror have done some great leaders already but here we have the main driving force behind a new throng.

Raise The Fyrd

As well as the more armoured elements of your Dwarven army that have already been catered for by Conqueror there's also the Fyrd which has been raised from not only your Dwarven hold but also the surrounding mines and farms that carpet the mountainside. For example, you have a band of lightly armoured Fyrd Spearmen...

Dwarf Fyrd Spearmen - Conqueror Models

...and for raiding through woodland and chasing down the enemy once they've broken you also have the Fyrd Bowmen.

Dwarf Fyrd Bowmen - Conqueror Models

You can either snag these miniatures as a pack of eight or a pack of sixteen depending on how big you want your force to be.

I really like the idea of bringing these along to play games of SAGA so that they have a bit more of a Fantasy feel. Of course, new rules from Studio Tomahawk are coming for Fantasy games but there's enough about these models to give you that Dark Age vibe so that they'd fit into a more Historical setting.

Have you snagged some of their Dwarves?

" we have the main driving force behind a new throng"

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