Control The Carribean In Dead Reckoning

May 23, 2019 by cassn

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Avast me' hearties! Those buccaneers over at Alderac Entertainment Group have shivered our timbers with their latest game of plunder and piracy! In Dead Reckoning, landlubbers can explore piracy and influence on the high seas! Command your ship and crew and gather the greatest bounty through trading, treasure hunting, and - of course - good ol' fashioned piracy!


Capture and control uninhabited islands in this Carribean-esque paradise as you customise your ship, craft your crew and battle against other scurvy sea-dogs in a dynamic cube-tower battle system! Furthermore, Dead Reckoning has a 'saga' system, allowing you to uncover new exciting secrets of the sea as gameplay progresses.

Interested Old Salt's will have to have more patience than a hornswoggler waiting to dance the hempen jig, as Dead Reckoning is scheduled for a 2020 Kickstarter. Keep an eye from the crow's nest at the Alderac website for further information.

Will you be raising the Jolly Rodger for Dead Reckoning? Tell us below!

"Trading, treasure hunting, and - of course - good ol' fashioned piracy!"

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