Co-operative Play Comes to DC Crisis Deck Building Game

August 6, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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For the fans of the DC universe, and the DC game Crisis, hold on to your capes! Cryptozoic Entertainment has released their first ever, true "expansion" pack for their game, Crisis.


To be clear, it is an expansion pack, meaning it does require either the DC Comics- Deck Building Game or Heroes Unite to play. This pack offers a "super" variety of DC goodness including: a cooperative play element, "Impossible Mode" super villains, 6 all new super heroes for competitive play, and dozens of new cards for the main base deck.



Looks like Gen Con is the perfect time to test the forces of good vs. evil, and why not with a little DC flair?


Care to try a cooperative spin on a DC deck building game?

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