CorSec Engineering Mark Up for Shadowrun

November 23, 2014 by dracs

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CorSec Engineering have come out with a new set of markers for use with the deck building game Shadowrun: Crossfire.

Shadowrun Crossfire Tokens

These tokens are available all together or as separate sets and allow you to keep track of developments within your game ranging from damage to the amount of yen you have at your disposal.

Shadowrun Crossfire Health

Shadowrun Crossfire Damage Indicators

Shadowrun Crossfire Yen

Plastic counters like these can be very useful, especially if you play your game often, as they are harder wearing than the cardboard ones which are usually provided in game. I also think CorSec have come out with markers that are rather more evocative of Shadowrun's iconic cyberpunk setting, with their clear plastic and bright colours making them stand out.

Do you prefer plastic game markers, or do you prefer to stick to the ones you have?

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