Create Mythical Menageries With Bestiary 3D Printable Models

June 20, 2019 by cassn

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More than any other realm, the fantasy world is often defined by its curious creatures, mythic monsters, and beautiful beasts.  Now, you can bring the wonders of the fantastical wild to your tabletop in a new, printable Bestiary which is brimming with astounding animals!


Professional 3D Artist Brayan Nafarrate has created a series of 32mm fantastic beasts perfect for inclusion in any tabletop game!



Nafarrate's selection of magical monsters are drawn from fantasy, horror, and ancient myths and legends to create some incredibly cool creatures!



The renders have been tested in both PLA and resin format and, while designed for 32mm scale, the sculpts can be resized with a splicer.



Nafarrate is already a talented 3D artist, however, he has outdone himself with the quality of these heroic designs, which are incredibly unique and yet also have mass appeal.


The campaign has also unlocked several awesome stretch goal sculpts, including an epic Asian dragon, a spoopy skeleton army and - my personal favourite - a monstrous manticore.




Nafarrate offers different pledge levels, both with and without stretch goals, or including fantasy and Viking terrain packages!


So if your tabletop is lacking in fantastical fauna, head over to the Bestiary on Kickstarter and adopt a three-headed pupper today!

Which of these sculpts is your favourite? Tell us below!

"Adopt a three-headed pupper!"

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