Creature Caster Cower Before The Mighty Drakon

May 28, 2019 by brennon

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Creature Caster has shown off an awesome new model, a mighty beast of war wielding a mighty axe. Check out the monstrous Drakon.

Drakon - Creature Caster

Here's some of the background on the Drakon...

"Each Drakon or Drakania, the leaders of their species, holds ultimate authority over their clutch of Drakyann. While they have a noble nature, existence within the demonic realms leaves little room for compassion. Whether just or cruel, they are always merciless dictators who cannot leave room for their authority to be challenged. Each Drakon has earned his or her place through both physical prowess and keen intelligence, and challenging them is almost always folly. As such, it is rare to see changes in the power structure of their race."

This fellow comes cast in resin and stands at a whopping 17.7cm measured from the bottom of the base through to the tips of his horns. He is quite the impressive creature and would look fantastic as a centrepiece in your army or indeed a mighty foe that you must bring low in a role-playing game.

Drakon (Alt) - Creature Caster

These are the kinds of huge and insane creatures that I think should be more of a fixture in games like Age Of Sigmar. In a world which is very over-the-top having big monsters like these roaming the battlefield, taking on entire armies by themselves, seem like a good shout.

I do like the idea of seeing where Warcry goes in this regard, focusing in on smaller warbands of warriors from across the different Grand Alliances, coming up against foes like this as wandering monsters.

What do you think of Drakon?

"What do you think of Drakon?"

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