CreepyHero Take To The Stars With Four Starship Fleets On Kickstarter

December 5, 2023 by avernos

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CreepyHero Studios has a campaign currently running on Kickstarter that is perfect for those Corporations that want to carve out their own little piece of the solar system in A Billion Suns with a set of Starship Fleets.

Fleet One CreepyHero Studios

Starship Fleet One // CreepyHero Studios

The Kickstarter campaign is to fund four fleets of ships and some ancillary items for games of A Billion Suns, or any other ship-to-ship combat game you fancy playing. Each fleet has thirteen ships with a unified ship design and a jump gate so they should be easily distinguishable on the tabletop and each set comes with four hex bases designed to hold the largest cruiser or squadrons of fighters and bombers.

Sehver Fleet CreepyHero Studios

Sehver Fleet // CreepyHero Studios

Alongside Fleet One and the Sehver there are the Trillian's and a Saucer Fleet which is very handy if you want to take part in some abductions and cattle mutilations, or if you need a Vree Fleet to take on any Babylon 5 fleets you may have lying in a case over there behind my shoulder. The four fleet designs are very distinctive giving them a classic science-fiction look that would equally feel at home in any B-Movie or modern franchise. I really appreciate the unique jump gates as well, it's an unnecessary touch that makes the fleets so much more complete.

Token Set Renders And Prints

The campaign is running with both STL files and actual physical prints available from CreepyHero Studios, so those of us who don't do the ones and zeros thing can still get our hands on them and as you can see from the photograph above the physical prints capture the detail of the designs beautifully. The tokens are generic enough to be used in a multitude of games and obviously tick all the boxes for keeping track of what is happening in ABS perfectly. There are even add-ons that cover all of your needs for objectives in ABS gameplay including; satellites, mines, asteroids, cargo, and wreckage among others.

It's a terrific set of ships and as a one-stop shop for starting ABS you'd be hard-pressed to find something more comprehensive to get you and three of your friends exploiting all the dwindling resources of a fragile solar system.

In the Corporation Wars, my money is on the Colonel!

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