Crocodile Games Fight As Corinthian Heroes Of Greek Mythology

November 7, 2018 by brennon

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Crocodile Games has been building up their Corinthian range for use in WarGods with a couple of new heroes and some warriors to fight beside them.

Bellerophon & Guards - Crocodile Games

We start things off with Bellerophon & Guards. Bellerophon was the mighty Greek Hero who mounted up on Pegasus and was able to destroy the Chimera. He was known as the greatest hero of Greek mythology before the days of Hercules.

Alongside him, we have some loyal warriors like the Corinthian Hero who, whilst not as powerful as someone like Bellerophon, is still a masterful fighter in his own right.

Corinthian Hero - Crocodile Games

If you're doing a themed Ancient Greek force with a Fantasy twist this line-up is very much for you. I love the look they've gone for with these models, taking a lot of what makes the Greeks so evocative, namely their Hoplites, and then giving them an extra dose of Fantasy goodness to make them that bit more heroic.

Rank & File

Some of the rank and file is also available from their webstore.

Corinthian Hero - Crocodile Games

As well as these White Wings you can get Archers, Soldiers Of Fortune and even some warriors that fight for the love of Aphrodite!

Maybe these miniatures would make an alternative warband for a game like Mortal Gods?

What do you think of these new heroes?

"Maybe these miniatures would make an alternative warband for a game like Mortal Gods?"

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