Crocodile Games Let Harpies Fly Into WarGods Of Olympus

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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Crocodile Games has released a new unit for you to include in your WarGods Of Olympus armies and use when adventuring through Ancient Greek Mythology. See what you think of these 28mm Harpies which swooped onto their webstore this week.

Harpies - Crocodile Games

Harpies // Crocodile Games

This set comes with six different Harpy models, three of which are flying whilst the others are stalking along the ground. I really like the way that they've styled these particular miniatures for the world of WarGods, taking the classic look of the Harpy and making it more monstrous.

You can still see the siren-like woman in their design but there is something much more brutal and avian about their look which I think makes for a good point of difference. I also thought they put together a pretty funny little scene here which shows off just how big these are; admittedly next to a dead Spartan soldier!

Harpies Flock - Crocodile Games

Harpies Diorama // Crocodile Games

As I mentioned above, I am a big fan of the look here and I think these will be a lot of fun to paint. I think you could do something neat with the scheme, blending together some vibrant colours throughout their wings as well as the more muted scheme we see here.

WarGods seems like a fun range to dive into if you like your mythology; especially Egyptian and Greek and there is plenty for you to check out in terms of miniatures!

What do you make of these new Harpies?

"...taking the classic look of the Harpy and making it more monstrous"

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